A holistic approach to health : one of the missions of Pierre Fabre Laboratories

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Caring for the human being as a whole

In order to do this, we design and develop innovative solutions that contribute to people’s well-being, from health to beauty…/...” Pierre Fabre

“Health is a holistic concept.

It does not start where illness or disability ends : it also covers harmony and each person’s self-image. As the World Health Organization has expressed it, it is a state of complete well-being, both socially and mental by speaking. Our company (Pierre Fabre Laboratories) has set itself the goal of meeting the demand for health care by providing a comprehensive approach to health and beauty. As a result research focuses on the anticipation of new solutions in both the medical and the cosmetic fields. Pierre Fabre products are meant for everyone – whether they are sick or in good health, from birth to death, for men, women and children.” (Extract from Pierre Fabre’s website)

How to get the book “Exploring the branches of the Systems Landscape”?

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You can get the book by sending an e-mail to brigitte.daniel.allegro@gmail.com

Extract from the first chapter of the book

This booklet describes a candidate set of concepts for systems science, framed within what we call the Systems Tree. It is intended for systemists. We use this term for people who have the capabilities to understand complex situations, to cope with the unusual, to identify the right problem in order to solve it and who are able to take decisions keeping in mind a vision for the future. Systemists will, in the future, apply approaches based on system science to solve complex problems. Systemy is defined as the study of systems and a systemist is defined as a scientist trained in systemy.

Exploring the branches of the Systems Landscape – A new publication

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The authors, Brigitte Daniel-Allegro and Gary Robert Smith, invite the reader to develop a systemic attitude when facing the inexplicable.

The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem”.

They explore the branches of the systems landscape.

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College Publications Systems Series

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Systems Science, Systems Thinking, Systems and Software Engineering can, and need to be considered complementary in establishing the capability to individually and collectively “think” and“act” in terms of systems in order to the face of the complex multi-disciplinary challenges of modern systems. Publications providing perspectives on the Frontiers of all aspects of Systems as well as publications advancing the state of Practice and Education are provided in this Systems Series.”



Cancer viewed as a systemic disease

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Example of “Systems Thinking”– Reconsidering mental models, in this case the role of inflammation in diseases such as cancer is developed in this paper, published in 2004 in the “Journal of Inflammation”.

Cancer, inflammation and the AT1 and AT2 receptors
Authors: Gary Robert Smith and Sotiris Missailidis

The critical role of inappropriate inflammation is becoming accepted in many diseases that affect man, including cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory and autoimmune disorders, neurodegenerative conditions, infection and cancer. Based on current literature and clinical studies on angiotensin receptor inhibitors, the paper concludes that blockade of the AT1 receptor in synergy with cancer vaccines and anti-inflammatory agents should offer a therapy to regress most, if not all, solid tumours.