A holistic approach to health : one of the missions of Pierre Fabre Laboratories

Temps de lecture : < 1 minute

Caring for the human being as a whole

In order to do this, we design and develop innovative solutions that contribute to people’s well-being, from health to beauty…/...” Pierre Fabre

“Health is a holistic concept.

It does not start where illness or disability ends : it also covers harmony and each person’s self-image. As the World Health Organization has expressed it, it is a state of complete well-being, both socially and mental by speaking. Our company (Pierre Fabre Laboratories) has set itself the goal of meeting the demand for health care by providing a comprehensive approach to health and beauty. As a result research focuses on the anticipation of new solutions in both the medical and the cosmetic fields. Pierre Fabre products are meant for everyone – whether they are sick or in good health, from birth to death, for men, women and children.” (Extract from Pierre Fabre’s website)