Initiation to tapestry

Temps de lecture : < 1 minute
Quatuor2a - Tapisserie Emöke
Quatuor2a - Tapisserie Emöke

Artist: Emöke

Emöke studied the tapestry at « la Manufacture Nationale des Gobelins » (Paris) and other techniques with other artists in Paris and Brussels.
She uses various threads of different textures to get diversified surfaces. Her research in the rythm and the proportions of the colours, as well as the thread, has an influence on her life and make universal links.

The workshop, Centuries in heritage, initiation to tapestry

You will create your own tapestry from a drawing.
As a beginner, you will learn the basis for a line, a triangle, a disc, etc.

At the end of the week you will finish you piece of art (cushion or wall hanging) with adequate borders.

Onodrim - tapisserie Emöke
Onodrim - tapisserie Emöke

Level :All skill levels