A holistic approach to health : one of the missions of Pierre Fabre Laboratories

Temps de lecture : < 1 minutes

« Caring for the human being as a whole

In order to do this, we design and develop innovative solutions that contribute to people’s well-being, from health to beauty…/... » Pierre Fabre

« Health is a holistic concept.

It does not start where illness or disability ends : it also covers harmony and each person’s self-image. As the World Health Organization has expressed it, it is a state of complete well-being, both socially and mental by speaking. Our company (Pierre Fabre Laboratories) has set itself the goal of meeting the demand for health care by providing a comprehensive approach to health and beauty. As a result research focuses on the anticipation of new solutions in both the medical and the cosmetic fields. Pierre Fabre products are meant for everyone – whether they are sick or in good health, from birth to death, for men, women and children. » (Extract from Pierre Fabre’s website)

The South European Systems Engineering tour

Temps de lecture : < 1 minutes

The so called SESE 2016 is a joined project performed by the Italian chapter of INCOSE (AISE), the Swiss chapter of INCOSE (SSSE), the French chapter of INCOSE (AFIS) and the Spanish chapter of INCOSE (AEIS). They organize a series of events in Rome, Brugg-Windisch, Paris and Madrid. The purpose of these events is to promote Systems Engineering among practitioners and interested audience, and also to strengthen the links between the chapters. The format of the events is a lecture day at each venue. The intention is to have four talks that are repeated at each venue and complemented by a number of talks held locally at each venue.